Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Funday...It is egg cracking time!!

Happy Sunday!
We had a lot going on today. First it started off with Cesar cooking homemade biscuits. DELISH!! Another Success!
Which then led to us girls to get some Starbucks, and a little of this..

Skinny SF Peppermint Mocha Frap.

We decided it would be fun to enjoy this beautiful afternoon and crack some confetti eggs.
Loved on C :)
So, off we headed down the road to a park/walking trail.
We found a bridge!

Said bridge was named after Alexandria..

Found some Golden Eggs.

Found the perfect spot to make a mess.
Francees egg was firmer than she thought ... A is good at pointing it out.

Love this of the girls...

Love him.

Anyways, got home. Dropped Francee off. Came home..
Then this happened.

Lucas may or may not have been forced into that situation.

I hope that each an every person had a tremendous weekend. I am enjoying the Oscars and Walking Dead... Squee. Off to work tomorrow which I am not quite prepared for yet...

Buenos Noches-


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  1. Love this Brittney! All the pics are great and it really looked like you all were having a great time :) Memories in the making.