Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here Goes Nothing..

Well the post says it all
Lets get down to the nitty-gritty .
My name is Brittney I am a twenty-something from Fort Worth, TX
I was getting a shot of that bun you guys..
 ..BORN AND RAISED YA'LL. I am married to a magnificent man ( lets call him C, shall we?). 


C brought a wonderful package with him my twelve year old step-daughter ( lets call her A).
Tres Kitties
 We are apartment dwellers ( just have not found our place yet) and have tres kitties.
 We belong in the City so we know no-different.
This blog will be a free- for - all. I am a type one diabetic found out when I had turned 18. My small family is fluent in English and Spanish, even my cats- thanks to C's Mexico City upbringing . I have been following blogs daily for years. It was always a goal to start one up, well heck just yesterday I thought well what the heck-- mine as well??
Then comes the topicsss.
I could write about fashion.. cooking, being a Diabetic, family life, cooking, makeup, sparkles, glitter,confetti... OK OK I get it now, this will be my blog to write about anything I want!!! I am taking the plunge please be patient with me I will have my blog looking as adorable as the blogs I follow eventually with cute pictures and all. 
Im So Excited..
Until next time!

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