Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Troublesome Tuesday

So, I have felt like a slob the past 4 days, I know why too... I have not been taking care of myself. I know it has to be because of the cold weather that has come back for a short time. I was becoming over excited about SPRING...

I need to kick my butt in high gear. ANNND I need to do laundry.

Does anyone else ever feel like the laundry is never ending?

On the plus side, I am skipping on lunch today to leave work an hour early so I can pick up A from track tryouts. I hate skipping out on work or leaving un expected but I am fortunate enough to have a place that understands... Plus, I do not play hooky! I always feel wayyyy too guilty.

As a matter of fact I do not think I have skipped out on work intentionally since I have been at my new company. I love my job, I enjoy the people also. I work with my aunt sarah so it is really it is nice to be able to see her everday.

But, I have gotten some new earrings...

blue ombre.
Also, I would like to talk about this woman...
Look at all of the women in the back Staring. Being all spectacular.
That dress was amazing! She is a very funny person. It is nice when you find a pretty girl who can laugh at oneself. :)
I hope everyone has a fabulous day!
Don't take life too seriously and don't be afraid to laugh.

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