Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Anticipation..

I feel like I should be able to post as many times a day as I like until I have something entertaining for people to view :)
I will continue on my quest with a little post about our little ol' familias daily routine:
5:45 am - my trusty I-phone wakes C and I up... we I hit snooze roughly three times.
6:15 am - C hops in the shower, while I start coffee, oatmeal, and pack lunches.
6:30 am - A will appear from her room without saying a word head to the bathroom, she then will come out and say Good Morning  and make cereal for herself.
7:00 am - I have already showered by this point and C is off to work. I frantically decide what to wear, where my socks are and why I cannot see anything...
**puts glasses on**
7:15 am - Its a miracle I can see .
7:30 am - A and B leave together, A for school and B for work.
8:30 am - Arrive at work    
Work, Work, Work. Eat. Work some more
5:30 pm - Head home
6:15 pm - (now this is my favorite part) A and C are waiting with open arms hungry eyes..
7-10- Dinner, family yoga ( yes C partakes, A not so much) TV.
10-on- well nighty night only to do the same thing over and over until the weekend.
Now, Off to find or make a signature for my posts
XOXO- DivineDiabetic

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