Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines DAY!!!

Love is in the Air...
I love Valentines day!
Everyone seems a little sweeter.. Maybe it is because they have  love on the brain..
I know I do, but as I was brushing my teeth this morning I actually thought to myself well this is no different for C and I because we are a very affectionate couple. Super Lovey Dovey, friends make vomiting comments yada yada :)
But in all seriousness I love the thought of couples speaking sweeter and having one day at the least to acknowledge the love that brought them together. This will be C and I 6th Valentines together.
This morning I made a quick dash to the gas station for a late action V-Day gift for A.
We have practically cut candy out of our family equation all together so Little Miss A got her favorite treat instead.....Beef Jerky! Yes that's right she loves that stuff so i thought well what the heck. She was Happy :)
Now last night was particularly fun because... Drum roolllll
I got to straighten A's hair! Sure, it took two hours but I can see it all over her face that she is happy
Proof of a happy kiddo pre-teen

We also had a photo shoot where I apparently played the "I am the old un-hip step mother at the ripe ol' age of 20-something".. I embarrass her just like my mother did to me at that age??!?

But shes such a cool kid she rolls with the punches.
dont' mind the messy mail pile on my table


C - I love you, A- I love you!


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