Thursday, February 21, 2013

Utter Exhaustion

Hello there, Hi again! Today I am exhausted... Yesterday was early morning meetings so it was a 4:15 am morning working until 5:30... Luckily C put together dinner last night, love him.

I did get together for lunch with my momma at Blue Mesa to have a salad, it was delish,do not forget the delicious sweet potatoe chips ... heavy and light at the same time.

 random picture of my mom and I at the Fort Worth Stock show and Rodeo this year

Any how, I cannot seem to find a specific topic to talk about today, it is rainy and I am still groggy from my 14 hour day.

So here are some more pictures:

pretty flower
my new coffee mug :)

used my curling wand for soft curls

   I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!
See you tomorrow!



  1. Cute blog, girl!

  2. Thank you, you now have a new follower :)Loved yours as well!

  3. I love love love sweet potato chips! So yummy!

  4. OMG, your mom is so gorgeous, and you totally take after her, Brittney! I'm so happy that when your long day was over, you came home to a delicious dinner - that's what happiness is♥♥♥